Shar Veda ALC, AYT


Author, Healer, Health Coach, Intuitive Counselor.

Born in a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Mother's Day on the New Moon, I am highly intuitive, empathic with an invitation to the mystic.

Forever finding ways to blend health and healing with spirituality, writing, teaching, and counseling, I've published hundreds of articles in national magazines like Mother Earth Living, American Spa, and The Fine Line. I've served as health counselor and yoga therapist in two girls houses and as intuitive counselor, healer, and yoga therapist for countless private clients. I've run my own small health clinic, and recently published my first book! 

Passionate about protecting and healing Earth before it's 'too late' my book, Star Seed Nation: Ascension into 5D touches on this and other pressing social topics in a fun, uplifting voice. It took me over five years to write! I wrote the first part living in Wilmington, North Carolina and the second part which totally changed the tone and added Inner Earth and Galactic Council, in Ashland, Oregon near Mt. Shasta, the energetic root chakra of Earth. 

Star Seed Nation: Ascension into 5D is available on Kindle and Amazon. I am not pushing marketing to the masses. I am placing it in specific locations. Ashrams, Yoga Centers, Environmental Non-Profits, Alternative Schools, cooperatives, and local bookstores. These are places of interest to me. 

Please find my full educational bio at the bottom of page two. I live and practice in beautiful Bellingham, Washington but am currently in Thailand.

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