Shar Veda ALC, AYT

Health Counselor, Yoga Therapist, Intuitive Healer, Writer, Pro Earth

Welcome and thanks for visiting. An Indigo child, empath, and starseed with formal eduction, experience and natural psychic abilities- mostly clairsentience (clear feeling) and claircognizance (clear knowing), I can help you get clear on any health, spiritual or emotional issue you are experiencing. I can be clairvoyant and clairaudient as well but the first clairs I mentioned are much stronger. Often with clients, I receive message via hands on healing and or simply but sitting with them- some but not all of the time. 

A Mother's Day baby born on the New Moon with magic in my lineage, as a teen, I immersed myself in the study of Celtic Mythology. When asked what I wanted to do when I grew up my answer was always, "I am going to be a Wise Woman and write a book (or two)." I never identified with the princess, I identified with the Lady of Lake.  

Still, even with a magickal lineage, lol,  my parents insisted I have a formal education and I am grateful today that I do. I went to university and received my BA in Journalism in 2001. Then I dove into the sister studies of Ayurveda, Yoga, herbalism, and healing bodywork with some of the world's greatest teachers including David Frawley, Vasant Lad, Susun Weed, Rosemary Gladstar and Mukti Michael Buck. You can find my complete educational bio in on page two but now a word about my lineage... 

Lineage & Background

My mother was adopted when she was two by amazing people, my Grandma Doe, Blackfoot Native and English and my PopPop Ed. Grandma Doe, "Gram" I called her, taught me valuable lessons including the power and importance of sisterhood, psychic intuition, plant medicine, healing arts and world family. 

On my dad's mother's side, we have the maiden name Weir. The Weirs hail from Ulster, Ireland and before that Scotland where sorcery, magic, hangings and burnings are in our family history. Thank goodness they cant do that now! 

For me, counseling, intuitive healing, and writing are healthy channels in which to use the magick in my blood and my natural psychic ability. I work with people of all ages in all socio-economic circumstances from at risk youth in girls houses to high profile executives. 

I have worked as relief staff counselor for two girls houses and teach yoga to low income kids. My natural health and sustainable beauty articles have been featured in many national magazines including Mother Earth Living and American Spa Magazine. I support women in wellness, non-profits for at-risk youth, Zero Waste Initiatives, and a broad range of individuals and organizations doing good work in the world. 

“How can I help you?”

What People are Saying about Shar Veda's Work:

Ashley Wildrick RYT


"I’m 28, with hopes of growing a family. A routine doctor visit for symptoms in my reproductive organs and signs of early aging led to steroidal treatment and, if that failed to work, a recommended biopsy. That scared me and I made an appointment with Shar. She connected the dots and helped me understand my symptoms. She introduced me to a reproductive tonic herb which I believe has been a HUGE part of my successful healing process. She also gave me many practical tips and tools for staying in balance and reminded me to be compassionate with myself.  When I went back to the doctor three months later, there were NO signs of the problems she saw before. I was shocked and thrilled and so grateful. Thank you so much, Shar!" 

- Ashley Laney 

Sis Tyler


"I came to Shar with migraines that would last for days, hoping for even a small degree of relief. Shar worked on me for an hour and a half with acupressure points and stretching. She is a very strong woman with a lot of power in her hand, and, it turns out, she is a very powerful healer. I have been headache free for two months now."  

- Sis Tyler ​ 

Greg Whitmore USPTA, LMBT


"I’d hit a wall with my workouts. I tried to adjust my diet, but that didn’t help either. After one Ayurvedic consultation with Shar, I am back on track . Her herbs and nutritional suggestions have me more focused and reenergized. Thanks!"  - Greg Whitmore, USPTA, LMBT