Shar Veda

Ayurveda Health Counseling 

Is your current lifestyle working for you or does it need a few tweaks? Create amazing breakthroughs in your health and lifestyle with just a few sessions. Learn your individual body-mind constitution (dosha), food and nutrition as medicine, lifestyle management, herbal wisdom, yoga practices, right color, aroma, right exercise and more. Come find out what lifestyle is right for you! 

Health Coach

Need a jumpstart and some hand holding? We all do! I help my clients enjoy the road to health and find fun and fulfillment along the way. Weekend warrior style to full on wellness retreats as well as 1/2 day and day long healthy companionship is a fun part of my life's work.  By incorporating creative exercises into my wellness program, clients access their own creativity to get and stay inspired, reduce stress, lose weight, improve their health and increase their zest for life. My motto is "Be creative, be well!"

​Healing Touch Vedic Thai Yoga Therapy

Let go, unwind, and come back to yourself! Experience blissful deep relaxation, detoxification, increased flexibility, skeletal alignment, emotional release and enhanced feelings of radiance, safety, love, and calm. Tuning forks and essential oils on acupressure points are used as needed. Sessions are like nothing you've ever experienced. A third eye crown chakra reset is the finale, 90% percent of people fall asleep for this and have major release. 

What People are Saying about Shar veda's WOrk:

Ashley Wildrick RYT

"I had been thinking about seeing Shar Veda just out of interest. Then, I had a routine visit to the doctor and found out I was having certain symptoms in my reproductive organs, signs of early aging, which could produce further health complications if not properly addressed. Being only 28 with hopes of growing a family, I took this as a serious sign. My doctor offered me some steroidal treatment and if it didn't work, we would have to biopsy....I finally made an appointment with Shar... She helped determine my dosha and helped me understand the direct connection of my symptoms. She gave me practical tips and tools for staying in balance, yet reminded me to be compassionate with myself... She introduced me to a reproductive tonic herb which I believe is a HUGE part of my healing process. When I went back to the doctor, 3 months after, there were NO signs of anything she saw before. I was indisbelief, but she reaffirmed that she was being 100% serious. The news itself was empowering! Thank you so much, Shar Veda!" -Ashley Laney 

Sis Tyler

"Sharon is a powerful healer. I came to her with migraines that would last for days hoping for some relief. She worked on me for an hour and a half with acupressure points and stretching. She is a very strong woman with a lot of power in her hands, there were a few points she worked on my feet that hurt and I thought she's working on my feet for migraines?! but she cured me. I have been headache free for two months now."  -Sis Tyler ​ 

Greg Whitmore USPTA, LMBT

"I hit a wall with my workouts. I tried to adjust my diet, but I wasn't getting anywhere. After an Ayurvedic consultation, I feel I am back on track . Sharon's herbs and nutritional suggestions have me more focused and reenergized. Thanks!"  -Greg Whitmore, USPTA, LMBT