Health & Healing Services:



Physical, Emotional, Spiritual

Intuitive Counseling

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-Create lasting Breakthroughs in whole being health

-Break Free from Self Destructive Patterns

-Remove Negative Energy and Blocks

-Understand which Elements are out of Balance

-Understand Planetary Strengths and Weaknesses (You need to know this!)


Health Coach/Wellness Guide

Achieve Goals Faster with a Guide. 

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I can help with anything health related. New Year, New You? Exercise, Diet, Nutrition, Herbs, Lifestyle Revamp? #Goals


Distance Healing

Skype, Face Time, Phone 


I have the two most powerful healing stars to work with when you sending you healing energy plus Jupiter in Pisces. Never underestimate the healing powers of the mind and energy at a distance, I have seen it work magic. 


healing energy/bodywork in person

Thai Yoga Therapy /Intuitive Healing 

Experience deep relaxation, detoxification, increased flexibility, skeletal realignment, emotional release, and expanded feelings of safety, love, and calm. Based on my 15 year practice of Thai Yoga Therapy (stretching) and my new love of Polarity Balancing (energy work) enhanced with tuning forks, essential oils, gems and ending with a third eye and crown chakra reset. 85% of people fall asleep and many dream or have visions. 

educational bio


Penn State University- BA English & Journalism (2001)

Herbalism Apprenticeships with Susun Weed & Joe Hollis (2001, 2011)

YogaLife Institute- Yoga Teacher Training 500 (2005)

Vedic Conservatory- Thai Yoga Therapy (2005-2016)

American Institute of Vedic Studies 

Ayurveda Lifestyle Counselor (2011)

California College of Ayurveda -Ayurveda Health Educator (2012)

Ayurveda Yoga Therapist (2013)

Polarity Balancing 1 with Dr. John Beaulieau (2018)

Twelve Houses Astrology with Lada Duncheva (2019)