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Client Reviews & Testimonials

"Thanks to Shar, I understand my body-mind type and what a world of difference that makes!" - Hillary B.


"Amazing! I love the thai yoga because I work out but don't take enough time to stretch. She is a very strong woman with a loving touch and perfect depth." -Matt Babich 

"Totally helped me revamp my lifestyle, thoughts, food and exercise. I lost 30lbs! and my skin is clear for the first time." -Bella G.

"I’m 28 and my doctor found premature aging of my reproductive system. I was drying up! That scared me and I made an appointment with Shar. She introduced me to a reproductive tonic herb which I believe has been a HUGE part of my successful healing process. She also gave me many practical tips and tools for staying in balance and reminded me to be compassionate with myself. When I went back to the doctor three months later, there were NO signs of the problems she saw before. I was shocked and thrilled and so grateful!" 

– Ashley Laney, RYT 

"I came to Shar with migraines that would last for days, hoping for even a small degree of relief. Shar worked on me for an hour and a half with acupressure and stretching. She is a strong woman with a lot of power in her hands, and it turns out, she is a very powerful healer. I have been headache free for two months now."

- Sis Tyler 

"I’d hit a wall with my workouts. I tried to adjust my diet, but it didn’t help. After one Ayurvedic consultation with Shar, I am back on track . Her herbs and nutritional suggestions have me more focused and reenergized." 

– Greg Whitmore USPTA, LMBT

"Sharon is awesome. Her sessions are like nothing I've experienced. Last time I fell into a deep sleep and envisioned myself held by tiny threads on silver stars in the heavens. It was so peaceful and lovely. Even though I am older than her, she has a universal mother energy that makes me feel calm, safe, and held."         - Gina Savage

"Best Thai Yoga Therapy in the area. I send my daughters to her too. They love her!"- Richard Johnson 

"Helped me recover from a bad accident and PTSD." - Dennis H. 

"I need her stretching! I can finally touch my toes!" - Brian Philips marathoner

"Sharon helped me let go of a lost love. I was holding it in my gut! No more pain and no more medicine. Thank you so much!" Katherine L. 

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